Latest load-haul-dump vehicles unveilled

Paul Boughton
Schopf, the maker of special vehicles for the mining and tunnelling industry, has introduced its latest load-haul-dump (LHDs) into the market.
The updates of the latest technical key points of the loader fleet include:
* SCHOPF  SFL 60FLP – 6 ton payload and flameproof operations, for low seam coal mines.
Only 1.38m high, this loader is the mainstay in collieries for the heaviest of transport, loading and haulage tasks thanks to its installed tractive effort, big ejector bucket and superior Z-linkage design. This, combined with simplicity in electric and hydraulic circuits, operational comfort and safety, makes it an exceptional choice in this special type of equipment.
* SCHOPF  SFL 65 – 4½ yd³ in the shape of a 3½ yd LHD.

With a superior standard bucket volume of 3.5m³ (4 ½ yd³) (6500 kg payload) in this popular LHD class, the SFL65 offers 2.5 m tipping height in its Hi Lift version, answering the demand for a team mate for the increasing use of 25 ton payload, narrow-width dump trucks with higher box heights. A choice of Tier 2 (EU Stage II) mechanically governed up to Tier 4A (EU Stage III B) electronically-controlled engines can be installed. It’s the most favourable mate of the miners in the though ambient midsize mine or tunnel.
* SCHOPF  SFL 100  – the powerful midsize production loader. This 10 ton Underground Loader (6,5 yd³ standard bucket) – is  available with a Z-linkage and a powerful 200  kW Tier 4A (EU Stage III B)  engine which makes it the ideal tool for loading 30 to 40 ton capacity dump trucks.

* SCHOPF  SFL 120 – a compact 12 ton Underground Loader.
To cope with the rising demand for 7 to 8 yd³ loaders in the same compact size as 6 yd³ units, Schopf has introduced the SFL 120. A 227 kW step 3 engine, Z-linkage and heavy duty drivetrain components make it a highly productive loader especially during uphill haulage.
* SCHOPF SFL 140 – the working horse in the 14 ton class
The attractive bucket size of 7m³ (9.2 yd³) to serve with 40 - 50 ton dump truck size gives the perfect match for mid to larger underground operations. The unit is powered with a 250 kW Tier 4A (EU Stage III B) diesel engine.
*The SCHOPF SFL 150 and SFL 180 with 15 ton and 18 ton tramming capacities mark the top of SCHOPF´s underground -loader range. These loaders also feature outstanding operator comfort and safety, combined with simple, robust, straightforward hydraulics and electrical designs for high availability and productivity.
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