Developing next generation mining technologies

Paul Boughton
Rio Tinto and iGATE Corporation, the first integrated Technology and Operations (iTOPS) company, have announced a partnership that will focus on creating next generation technologies and contribute to global growth and development of Rio Tinto’s ‘Mine of the Future’ programme.

This is a first-of-its-kind partnership in the mining industry where Rio Tinto will leverage iGATE Patni’s technical capabilities to accelerate technologies globally in the mining industry.

Rio Tinto expects to spend approximately $60 million - $80 million over the next five years proportional to the outcomes delivered out of this partnership.

iGATE Patni will provide engineering research and development services, including industrial automation and control, software and embedded design and developmentto Rio Tinto to facilitate the Mine of the Future programme.

The engagement with iGATE Patni will enable Rio Tinto to deliver greater operational efficiency, improved health, safety and environmental performance in the mining industry.

The partnership envisions demonstrating improvements to mining processes that include unprecedented levels in automation, and remote operations that will revolutionise the way mining has been conducted so far

Launched in 2008, Rio Tinto's Mine of the Future program introduces next-generation technologies for mining operations that aim to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve health, safety and environmental performance.
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