Terminal system: lower costs through less diversity and more flexibility

Paul Boughton
CONTA-CLIP has expanded its range of one-level pressure spring terminals. All three functional groups, FRKI feed-through terminals, FSLI protective earth terminals, and FNT neutral-disconnect terminals, are now available in three sizes for wire cross-sections of 0.5..4 mm² (5 mm terminal width, 32 A rated current), 1.5..10 mm² (8 mm, 57 A), and 2.5..16 mm² (12 mm, 76 A).

The installation terminals enable wiring without tools. Upon the insertion of a solid wire or a flexible wire with a wire-end ferrule, the pressure spring opens automatically and establishes a secure contact with the busbar. Flexible wires without wire-end ferrules are easily connected or disconnected by means of a standard screwdriver. The reduction from 15 to 9 sizes supports lean warehousing.

A number of constructive innovations further facilitate logistics and handling. FNT neutral terminals feature an integrated rail adapter for locking in a 10 x 3mm neutral busbar.

Without the need for an additional support plate, this saves space on the mounting rail and lowers costs. FSLI PE terminals are optimized for safe grounding – the PE foot contacts the DIN rail on both sides. For an easy and safe rated current distribution across FRKI terminals, CONTA-CLIP provides pluggable, insulated FIQI cross-connectors.

For more information, visit www.conta-clip.de