Open guide system for energy chains

Paul Boughton
Guidelok horizontal is an system from igus that is designed to support long travels of energy chain where gliding is not recommended. The system is modular and consists of very few parts, making guidelok lighter, easier to assemble and more cost effective when compared to many other gliding systems or those using steel chains.

Its operation is very simple; the e-chain uses its own radius to push back the spring loaded support which snaps back out again after the e-chain radius has passed the upper run it is then able to lay on the roller support.
One of the key features of guidelok horizontal is that it enables long, unsupported travel lengths of e-chains for up to 50 metres. Due to its open design, chips and debris cannot get stuck between the upper and lower run, as they may in a conventional gliding system, since they naturally fall between the gaps.  Also, since the allowable length of unsupported travel is extended, the amount of driving force required is lowered; this enables manufacturers to choose smaller, lower-cost energy chains which, in turn, helps reduce the overall cost of the machine.
Applications and areas of industry that will benefit from guidelok horizontal are long bed machine tools of all kinds, as well as other machines that have the potential to produce large amounts of debris and swarf.

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