VIDEO: Maintenance-free system rolls and slides in virtual silence

Paul Boughton

The drylin hybrid linear bearing system presents a unique combination of plain and roller bearings. It is based around the drylin W linear guide family and has been designed to fit within its dimensional envelope without increasing the design width of the range.
By combining the efficiencies of the two types of bearings, its performance is increased dramatically. The plain bearing element absorbs shear forces and shock loads, whilst the rolling bearing element offers quiet, smooth gliding motions, with 10 times lower coefficients of friction and a significantly reduced driving force requirement.
The modular drylin hybrid bearing system is made of hard anodised aluminium profiles and die cast zinc housings, while the liner is injection moulded from the highly technical plastic material, iglidur J. As well as being easy to install, completely dry running and free from any maintenance, this flexible bearing system can be combined with 7 other linear slide rails from the drylin range.
The hybrid bearing is particularly well-suited to applications that require a low driving force, such as manually adjustable doors, guards, partitions and locks as well as light handling tasks.
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