Titanium Nitride coated taps

Paul Boughton
Dormer Tools has further expanded its high performance, multi-application threading programme with the introduction of numerous Titanium Nitride coated taps.

Complementing Dormer’s existing bright finish and steam tempered multi-material ranges the new taps provide significantly improved wear resistance and increased productivity.

Available to DIN or ISO standard in both spiral point and spiral flute geometries, the versatile new taps offer repeatable quality thread production in a wide range of materials including steel, cast iron, stainless, copper and aluminium.

The new surface treatment provides high hardness combined with low friction properties, ensuring considerably longer tool life and better cutting performance over uncoated taps.

All spiral flute geometry taps feature a three radii flute profile with a constant rake angle allowing the creation of narrow, regular chips. This, combined with adequate flute space, results in negligible chip congestion.

For more information, visit www.dormertools.com

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