Bag placer retrofit

1st February 2013

Nottingham, UK-based Chronos BTH has recently completed a retrofit installation at the Smiths Flour Mills facility at Langley Mill in Nottinghamshire. The project has involved upgrading a Richard Simon automatic bag placer that had been operating with a near obsolete PLC.
Smiths Flour Mills is a long established business and one of the largest independent flour millers in the UK. They produce a range of flour and cereal ingredients based on raw materials of wheat, maize and rice, which are available in bulk, bagged or big-bag forms
The retrofit work was carried out on one of the 25kg bag packing lines at the Langley Mill facility, which currently operates at typical outputs of up to 400 bags/hour and involved replacing the original bag placer PLC with a new control panel that incorporated a Siemens S7 PLC. As part of the retrofit project, Chronos BTH service engineers re-programmed and re-commissioned the bag placer to ensure continued optimum packing outputs were achieved.
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