VIDEO: What is social media – and what are the benefits to your business?

Paul Boughton


Leading European Marketing agency DMA Europa has released an accessible  English Language video on the hot topic of social media, covering the basics about what it is and how to use it to best effect for marketing in a business-to-business context.

Roland Renshaw, Marketing Director and David Bedford Senior, Account Executive at the firm, which specialises in marketing high technology, industrial, automotive and general manufacturing companies, discuss the relative pros and cons of using social media as part of the marketing mix, providing good working examples of what to do and what to avoid.

Commenting, Roland describes why the video was created: "One of the most common questions we are asked at the moment is: 'Should I be using social media to promote my company'. The answer, as always, depends on several variables, what we can offer though is a good overview of why social media is important, how it can effect a business or personal career and where it fits within the marketing mix."

David Bedford adds: "Having created and implemented many marketing campaigns that among them employ every aspect of what social media has to offer, and measured the results, we are in an excellent position to offer general advice on how to approach the subject. The video is informal, but informative and should prove a very useful 10 minutes spent by any marketing professional or individual with a vested interest in using social media to promote a business of any size."

The video provides a host of answers for questions such as:

* What is social media? How do go about setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account?

* What resources will you need to operate a successful social media campaign?

* What are the dangers of using social media in a corporate context?
* Will you gain potential new customers or just offend the ones you have by using social networking to promote my company?

* Where do I start if I decide I need to use social networking channels to promote my business?

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