Novel energy storage system

1st February 2013

UK energy storage technology development company Highview Power Storage has been granted a patent for its CryoEnergy System (CES) in both China and South Africa

Highview Power Storage has developed and built a pilot plant of a novel energy storage system, which uses liquid air as the storage medium. Although using mature components the integration is novel; and the first of the company’s portfolio of patents has now been granted in two of its target markets.

“With the pilot plant fully operational on the UK’s national grid and as we move into advanced discussions around commercial deployment, the granting of patents in key markets is very timely; we are confident it will be also granted in other regions as it goes through the examination process,” said COO and one of the original inventors Toby Peters.

Critically the Highview system can be scaled to deliver large-scale, long duration energy storage; 50MWs+/GWhs of storage. Additionally it can simultaneously convert low grade waste heat to power with significantly more efficiency than typical alternative technologies.

Highview’s CES technology has five further patents pending covering different configurations of the system and its design and integration with co-located process and the use of low grade waste heat.

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