Improving liquid levels monitoring

Paul Boughton
Siemens Industry Automation & Drive Technologies (IA&DT) has introduced two enhancements to its radar level measurement the SITRANS LR250 to increase operational efficiency for plant operators.

The Siemens SITRANS LR250 now comes with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 which complies with the IEC 61508/61511 standard for functional safety – offering safe failure fraction and longer confirmation cycles.

To offer plants a cost effective solution to liquid detection in aggressive environments, the SITRANS LR250 is now available with a threaded PVDF antenna. It has been designed to withstand interaction with corrosive chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid, that stainless steel cannot. Its speciality plastic Kynar design is suitable for use in food and beverage, chemical, and water treatment applications. The compact PVDF antenna’s high signal and advanced echo processing technology allows for unparalleled performance even on short ranges and low dielectric media.

With both versions of the SITRANS LR250 users benefit from its compact and easy to install design which reduces engineering time and its small antenna and narrow beam which allow engineers to use the level measurement in most environments – even small applications. The device’s 3mm accuracy, in accordance to IEC60770-1, demands that the standard’s worst case accuracy is stated in all conditions and over the full range of the device, ensuring full compliance. Measuring this level of accuracy in line with the standard is an industry first.

Derek Moore, product manager, Siemens Sensors & Communication, said: “As plants continue to strive for the highest levels of operational efficiency and safety, these two new advancements to the Siemens SITRANS LR250 deliver real benefits. To be awarded the SIL 2 accreditation is a key development for safety compliance and it is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) accredited. The PVDF antenna is a particularly exciting addition as it enables cost-effective measurement of corrosive liquids with the one device.

“Importantly, performance is not forfeited with the SITRANS LR250’s cost effective design. The antenna is able to operate in both high and low liquid levels in even the most space restricting environments, meaning performance and accuracy is guaranteed in every situation.”

The Siemens SITRANS LR250 can be fully integrated with the plant, enabling enhanced efficiency and communication through Siemens’ Totally Integrated Automation Platform.
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