Lock can 'speak for itself’

Paul Boughton

S3 ID has launched a  wireless monitoring facility to complement its new Zone 1, ATEX certified high security eLock door system.

This latest addition to the eLock range means that the S3 Abryll High Security eLock now achieves two industry firsts: As the first Electronically Actuated Zone 1, ATEX certified High Security Locking Solution and now, with the addition of the optional wireless eLock.net technology, as the first locking system that can communicate its own ‘status’ wirelessly without the need for an external power connection or an internal battery.

As the new eLock.net Wi-Fi technology uniquely requires no external or internal power source to operate and communicate with its remote monitoring station it is totally maintenance free. Requiring no external energy or internal battery, a wireless ‘status transmission’ comprising the locks unique identity and it’s status (‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’ etc) is sent each time the lock is opened or closed - powered solely by kinetic energy generated by the opening or closing action. Each wireless enabled lock transmits its status wirelessly to our new ‘security paired’ eLock.net monitoring system, allowing independent, cable free remote monitoring and alarming of the protected doors state independently of any cabled route.[Page Break]

The technology will initially be available in ATEX certified form on the S3 Abryll High Security eLock and will be ‘designed in’ as an optional feature for both future S3 eLock products and in ‘non ATEX’ form on selected future MICO locking solutions.

This feature enables the lock to effectively ‘speak for itself’ and to communicate its unique identity and whether it is ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’ wirelessly to a remote monitoring system which may be 100m or more away. The technology has been designed for use with both ‘electronically actuated solutions’ – enabling remote monitoring and alarming even if the local access controller is out of action or its hard-wired monitoring circuit or power supply is cut - and with conventional mechanical locking solutions - enabling for instance remote monitoring of gates without the need for expensive cabling. As such, this feature is designed not only to create Safer more Secure Solutions for customers in the Oil Gas & Energy industries world-wide, but also to enable another layer of security and alarming to be added in more conventional applications as well.

The eLock locking system and eLock.net technology is designed to work with all 'S3' variants of MICO's proven Abryll High Security Lock family. Tested to LPCB SR 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 on selected single and double doorsets, the Abryll range comes in a brushed stainless steel finish as standard.[Page Break]

Single and Multi point locking options are available and the lock can also be fitted with high security 'mastered' key cylinder mechanical over-rides from the world's leading ranges (such as Kaba & Abloy) to suit user requirements.

S3 ID’s eLock satisfies users needs for physical security in Zone 1 areas and can be retro-fitted or installed on new facilities. The range includes a ‘standard’ and a new ‘High Security’ version and is approved for installation on UK Government projects.

During development of the new Abryll door system S3 ID worked closely with MICO because its range and approach to innovation aligned perfectly with our strategy of partnering with technological leaders. The MICO Abryll range is extensively proven in use in the Utilities, Energy and Government sectors and is the highest security rated locking system available in the UK today.[Page Break]

“We have had a huge amount of interest in our new eLock range since we unveiled it at the Australian Oil & Gas (AOG) exhibition earlier this year,” said Doug Woodbridge, Head of Sales & Marketing. “eLock is unique in being the first high security product to meet ATEX Zone 1 Hazardous Area requirements. It is an ideal complement to our existing eSecurity™ range, providing customers with an unbeatable all round high-security solution.”

Doug added: “Introducing a power and cable free security Wi-Fi monitoring option is a ground-breaking update to the new door system that will provide our customers with even more unique features and benefits that literally ‘speak for themselves’!”

eLock and eLock.net technologies are part of the company’s eSecurity range, which seamlessly integrate with other existing patented technologies from the S3 product range, including the company’s eLocator™ and eMuster products. [Page Break]

S3 ID offers a comprehensive selection of location technologies to suit all user needs from its patented RFID systems to new Ultra Wide Band, GPS+™ and CheckPoint solutions, for which new patents are pending.  

S3 ID has numerous patents pending around the globe to protect both current products and the company’s new generation of products in development.

The S3 range has been developed from firsthand experience serving the onshore and offshore Oil & Gas industry. Products are ATEX certified and solutions use patented technology time proven in operation worldwide with many blue chip clients. S3 ID provides application expertise in this specialist market sector which is second to none.

For more information, visit www.s3-id.com

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