Top 10 polycrystalline silicon modules

Paul Boughton
Solarplaza’s Top 10 on polycrystalline modules shows that the Dutch company Solland Solar produces modules with the highest efficiency. Solland Solar's polycrystalline module has a module efficiency of 16.00 per cent, which is 0.3 per cent more than the number two, Siliken.

Solland Solar has created the innovative Sunweb, which utilizes back-contact cell technology. The Sunweb back-contact cell is based on ‘metal wrap-through’ (MWT) technology and a redesigned metallization pattern on the front side.

The minimiSation of metalliSation on the front side reduces shading, which leads to higher cell efficiency than that found in front-contact polycrystalline cells. Solland Solar is the only company in the Top 10 using this new back-contact technique.

There are six Asian and four European companies represented in this Top 10. This is a difference compared to the Top 10 on monocrystalline modules, which contains eight Asian companies but not one company from Europe. There is also a big difference between the sizes of the companies. LDK Solar is one of the biggest manufacturers in the market with a planned capacity of 2,5GW in 2011.

Vikram is one of the smaller manufacturers in the Top 10, with a 100MW capacity for 2011. The major manufacturers like Hanwha Solar, Suntech, Trina Solar and Yingli are also located in the Top 25, with module efficiencies at around 15 per cent. The difference between the leader and number 25 is a remarkable 1.0 per cent - in absolute terms a small difference, but relatively significant.

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