Hermetic sealed – a clean solution for hazardous, toxic or crystallising media

Paul Boughton
Environmental protection and safety are now some of the most important key issues of system operators. For this reason, more and more money is being invested in process safety, while even components such as sealing systems must be taken into account in order to meet the high demands.
Magnetic couplings, which completely do away with moving seal parts, offer comprehensive safety in this regard.
The product area of the pump can be completely separated from its surroundings through a containment shell. In this manner, hazardous, toxic or odorous and very pure or sensitive media are hermetically isolated from the environment.
The torque is transferred by high-performance samarium-cobalt permanent magnets contact-free from the motor shaft, which is located outside of the containment shell, to the pump shaft, which is located within the containment shell.
Thanks to this structure, the magnetic coupling is virtually maintenance-free and the system is thus highly reliable. Magnetic couplings guarantee the safe use of media without exposing them to the atmosphere, thereby ruling out any reaction with the surroundings.
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