Selwyn receives environmental approval for ScoZinc mine

1st February 2013

Nova Scotia Environment has approved the proposed ScoZinc southwest expansion of the previously mined Main Pit.

On October 7th, 2011 Minister of Environment for Nova Scotia approved the project. The Minister is satisfied that any adverse effects or significant environmental effects of the proposed project can be adequately mitigated through compliance with the proposed mitigation measures and prescribed terms and conditions.

Dr Harlan Meade, President and CEO of Selwyn Resources Ltd. stated: "We are very pleased that the Nova Scotia government has accepted the proposed plan to restart the ScoZinc Mine. We look forward to receiving the Industrial Approval that will allow site activities to begin. ScoZinc continues its refurbishment activities in preparation for the restart of mining and milling operations."

Selwyn's primary focus is the exploration and development of its properties that make up the Selwyn Project in the Yukon, which hosts large tonnages of zinc-lead mineralization.

The known deposits at Selwyn Project have the potential for large scale production, and to provide a secure supply of zinc and lead to meet the future needs of the zinc and lead markets in Asia. The acquisition of ScoZinc Limited provides Selwyn with a second opportunity for growth and production revenues in 2012. The re-development of the ScoZinc Mine is a stepping stone for advancement of the Selwyn Project.
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