Inline wet bench for wafer and cell manufacturers

Paul Boughton

Baker Solar's FlexTool is an inline wet bench conceived and designed specifically for the R&D and pilot-scale requirements of today's wafer and cell manufacturers.

In the process development, PV companies need highly flexible tools to handle a variety of wet chemistries through a range of single- and double-sided applications. FlexTool does precisely that.

With a small system footprint and wide process window, FlexTool offers batch-size testing in an inline environment. This provides the PV company with a scalable, reproducible result that is production-ready yet with low chemical usage, intelligent process control and attractive CAPEX. Sumps are sized and configured for rapid chemistry changes, allowing one tool to be used as a platform for testing many different processes.

Currently installed FlexTools in the United States and Europe are operating both single- and double-sided processes with patent-pending Touchless transport technology. Rinsing and drying is achieved with Baker Solar's proprietary high-volume, low-pressure ViaHead module.

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