Capacitive gap sensor

Paul Boughton
The new capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon capaNCDT CSG are specially developed to measure gap width.

Sensor electrodes are applied to the top front and back on a circuit board that has a width of 20cm.

Using the sensor electrodes and the differential method, the gap width can be determined very precisely while moving the sensor into the gap.

A special feature is the sensor’s flexible probe. This also enables the sensor to be used in applications where the measurement object is difficult to access. Using the capaNCDT CSG, gaps of 0.9mm up to 4.9mm can be measured at a resolution of up to 90nm.

However, metal objects and a clean measurement gap are required for these sensors. In terms of the electronics for the capaNCDT 6500, signals of both electrodes are immediately calculated with the gap width. Furthermore, the sensor can be replaced or connected to any other electronics supplied by Micro-Epsilon.

With the same sensor dimensions, the new capaNCDT CSE offers a measuring range that is 2.5 times larger. As the CSE sensors are equipped with a shielding electrode which is set back, the sensor dimensions are considerably smaller.

Therefore, these sensors show significant benefits while also offering the same measuring range. Since the sensors are cylindrical in their design, and have a connector on the back, they are very flexible in terms of their use. As usual, the sensors can be either connected to any other Micro-Epsilon electronics or easily replaced.

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