Sealing technology launched

Paul Boughton

Flexitallic has developed a family of sealing products. Proven to reduce downtime, the new Flange Rescue Gasket (FRG) enables maintenance teams to get up and running quickly by providing high integrity sealing on damaged flanged connections.

The development helps address sealing issues involving sour hydrocarbon service on ageing assets. Since its inception the design has been successfully used across a wide variety of upstream and downstream sealing applications; and has been used in both reactive and proactive scenarios, as part of a wider corrosion management programme.
The design gives careful consideration of available flange sealing surfaces and the use of innovative sealing materials, such as Flexitallic’s range of restructured PTFE, Sigma and Thermiculite. An added benefit with the technology is it can be used across all flange sealing face configurations, including ring type joint grooves.

To aid installation, each member of the flange rescue gasket family is uniquely colour coded, providing confirmation of its presence in the flanged connection.

Increase usage of the chemical resistant version in alkylation plants and cryogenic version in low temperature are the latest products to be offered.

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Flexitallic Ltd is based in Cleckheaton, Lancashire, UK.

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