Best practice guide on biomass handling and biomass/coal co-handling

Paul Boughton
Best practice guide on biomass handling and biomass/coal co-handling.
The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology has produced a report  entitled Best Practice Guide on Biomass Handling and Biomass/Coal Co-handling.

This was prepared for the Power Industry with funding and collaboration from the British Coal Utilisation Research Association and E-On UK Ltd by former PhD student, Dr NS Khan as part of his project with the aid of his supervisors, Prof MSA Bradley and Dr RJ Berry.
The report arose as a direct output of the project, which set out to look at identifying and resolving common problems of fuel handling in co-firing of coal and biomass, however the findings are equally applicable to handling of biomass alone.  The study involved the active participation of E-On UK in collating experiences gained over the period from about 1999 to 2007, as well as extensive characterisation and handling trials at The Wolfson Centre.  The resulting document is intended as a guide for engineers, maintenance personnel, managers and procurement executives with responsibility for obtaining and operating equipment for handling of biomass either alone or mixed with coal, in solid-fuel-fired power stations.
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