Building competence through a well-defined industry collaboration

Paul Boughton

The global demand for the development of skilled workforce for the offshore oil and gas industry is becoming both a challenged to many organisation as well as opportunity for growth. A number of organisations are now seeking diligently to produce a competent workforce for various types of offshore oil and gas installations. Local or regional legislations requiring employment of local work force seems to create a solutions to the demand of work force however many of countries where oil and gas productions facilities are situated where locals are yet to be trained or at least undergo formal education and training.
IMOSTI Inc is an organisation dedicating itself to training and educating workforce in offshore oil and gas had once again collaborated with industry organisation to understand how to train and educate people where ever they are. Collaboration with stake holders in the industry is good and timely, as we foresee greater demand for training and competence is looming. The OPITO oil and gas academy which specialises in building training standards for the offshore oil and gas workforce had done global milestone to set global standards of competence as well as standards on how training providers globally can implement such standard in the uniform passion.

Yet another development will affect such standards of training considering the 2010 ratification of the Standards for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping  (STCW) as amended was ratified by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). As it come to force within the next couple of years or so the competence requirements for all sea-based personnel will changed the current landscape in training and education.  
In anticipation of these changes IMOSTI Inc along with other services oriented organisation had conglomerated into establishing C-NERGY Group.  C-NERGY stands Conglomeration of Energy. The term 'energy' represents the six organisations who are in their own fields are notable service providers for various maritime and offshore oil and gas industry. The individual organisation conglomerating itself are involve into maritime training and education, offshore safety training and technical skill development, offshore manpower and human resources services, offshore facility management, housekeeping and catering services.

The conglomerate is presented to provide a steady solution for human resources requirements from skills development to manpower staffing to training and education to deployment. IMOSTI Inc not only provides training in offshore oil and gas but it also provides services for human resource development. The C-NERGY Group is a total service provider of human resources onboard any sea-based facilities worldwide.

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International Maritime & Offshore Safety Training Institute (IMOSTI) Inc is based in Ermita, Manila, Philippines.

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