Achieve oil drain intervals of more than 16,000 hours

Paul Boughton
Mobil SHC Pegasus, in ExxonMobil’s range of Mobil Pegasus natural gas engine oils, has delivered significant benefits to customers operating natural gas engines in power generation, gas compression and green house operations.  he results achieved to date, following the launch of Mobil SHC Pegasus 12 months ago, have surpassed initial product claims with companies experiencing longer than expected oil drain intervals.

Customers throughout the United States and Europe have benefited from the introduction of Mobil SHC Pegasus, in a range of engines developed by leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) Jenbacher, Caterpillar and Waukesha.  In France, Dalkia, Europe's leading provider of energy services to local authorities and businesses, monitored the energy efficiency performance of Mobil SHC Pegasus in a Caterpillar G3516 engine used for power generation.  Energy efficiency was measured by dividing the power generation output in kW by the fuel flow rate multiplied by fuel heating value.  The efficiency gain with Mobil SHC Pegasus over a two month period was reported by Dalkia as in excess of 1.5 per cent, compared to a standard natural gas engine oil.

“Since the launch of Mobil SHC Pegasus, the Mobil Industrial Lubricants team has been working closely with customers and leading OEMs both in Europe and the United States to monitor the performance of Mobil SHC Pegasus in the field,” said Kathleen Tellier, Products Research and Technology, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, a division of ExxonMobil Corporation.  “The results to date have been outstanding and we’re currently undertaking additional field trials and research to investigate additional performance benefits of Mobil SHC Pegasus such as extending filter life.  This would enable companies to extend maintenance periods, helping to build a new level of efficiency into their operation.”

Enogex, one of the largest natural gas transmission and midstream service companies in the United States, monitored the durability and extended oil drain potential of Mobil SHC Pegasus.  Dismantling one of its Caterpillar G3516 engines after running it on Mobil SHC Pegasus for more than 16,000 hours without drain, the engine component parts were found to be in excellent condition with minimal wear, ‘sludging’ and carbon deposits.  The results demonstrate the potential of Mobil SHC Pegasus to increase oil drain intervals by four–to-eight times compared to standard gas engine oils.  Average fuel consumption savings of 1.5 percent were also achieved(1).

Other customers in Germany, Netherlands and the United States are recording positive benefits of using Mobil SHC Pegasus, with improved energy efficiency and extended oil drain intervals in Jenbacher J412 and Waukesha P9390GL engines.  These benefits, alongside reduced oil for disposal and extended equipment life, can also help contribute to the overall sustainability of a business operating natural gas engines.

(1) Fuel consumption was measured via a statistically designed set of experiments (A-B-B-A) and results showed an average 1.5 per cent improvement over conventional SAE 40 gas engine oil reference.

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