In-line particle probe

Paul Boughton

The Parsum IPP 70 In-line Particle Probe is now available from Malvern Instruments.

Designed to continuously measure the size, size distribution and velocity of granular particles, directly in the process, the Parsum In-line Particle Probe (IPP) is a tool for process development and automated production.

It has applications in many sectors including the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Parsum probe uses patented spatial filter velocimetry to measure particles in the size range  50-6000 µm travelling at velocities of between 0.01- 50 m/s. Easily fitted in line, or into a process vessel, it can be applied in both gaseous and liquid media and is especially well suited to granulation applications, both high shear and fluidised bed.

Parsum software drives analysis and streamlines the automation of plant control to deliver enhanced product quality and reduced variable cost. Remote system access makes possible easy observation and data reporting.

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