Receiver enhances data capture measurements in high voltage applications

Paul Boughton

HBM has improved its ISOBE5600 product family with the launch of the ISOBE5600m receiver unit. The receiver unit has four channels and is fitted with a 64 MB integrated transient recorder for measurements to a connected PC.

All data captured can be easily analysed using HBM’s Perception software.

The ISOBE5600 system has been developed by HBM for taking measurements in high voltage environments. The insulation between the transmitter and receiver units is provided by means of fibre-optic cables that transmit measured data securely and with high transmission rates.

Typical applications can be found in frequency converters, for instance for wind power plants; PWM drives for large motors; or high voltage DC sources for electrolysis applications. The system is designed to be used anywhere where measurements take place under high voltage.

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