Tank storage: from fumes to dosing

Paul Boughton
Chemical Process Solutions of Seaham, County Durham, England, designs, manufactures and installs chemical storage tanks, fume extraction systems, chemical dosing systems and m

Helically wound polypropylene chemical storage tanks and HDPE chemical storage tanks come in diameters up to 3.5m and capacities up to 80m3. Butt welded polypropylene sheet tanks and HDPE sheet tanks are available up to 20000 litre capacity and thermoplastic lined GRP chemical storage tanks up to 80m3 capacity in PVC, polypropylene, PVDF and ECTFE. The company also fabricates equipment for the transfer of corrosive liquids.

Mech-Top of Olten, Switzerland, manufactures stainless steel equipment specifically designed to meet requirements of pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor, paper, environmental and food technology industries. "Our experience and the application of modern technology enable us to manufacture and supply professionally designed steel containers and apparatus produced to meet high quality specifications," says the company.

Mech-Top offers the option of either factory production on its own premises and those of partner companies or on-site production on our customers' premises, and are thus able to meet their requirements speedily and reliably.

BMC of Gussago, Brescia, Italy, specialises in the manufacture of tanks and reactor vessel internals in stainless steels and alloyed steels. Its main materials of fabrication include carbon steel, nickel alloys, aluminium alloys, Incoloy, duplex steels, copper alloys, hastelloys and titanium