Precision spur gear range enhanced

Paul Boughton

Precision gear manufacturer Ondrives Ltd's precision spur gear range has been further enhanced with the addition of a number of different materials and cutting methods to offer the customer even more choice.
Managing Director Andy Higgs says: “We wanted to offer our customers’ more materials as we have found that applications these days are deeming what were once considered special materials to be more acceptable and the new product range has been designed with this in mind.”
Cast iron GG25, titanium, Delrin POM (white) and Peek GF30 (light brown) are all now offered as standard.  All of these materials are offered on the spur gears with the cast iron, Peek and Delrin available on the precision worm gears.
Precision skive hobbed spur gears are also included within the range ensuring the quality grade and tooth finish are even more precise than standard where applications might call for this, states Managing Director Ben Hinchliffe. 
Many different modules and sizes are available within these ranges covering a wide variety of potential requirements and customers are assured of the quality given these are all made in-house by Ondrives in the UK.
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