In-house processing for semi-finished or final products

Paul Boughton
Steel specialists Abraservice UK has an established in-house design, manufacturing and high quality processing facility. Abraservice UK offers a variety of processing operations for the manufacture of semi-finished or final products to OEMs and tier one subcontractors, in all their specialist materials including abrasion resistant, high impact and high yield plate steels.

The process services offered by Abraservice UK include; high-definition plasma, oxygas profiling, bevelling, laser profiling, drilling and countersinking , rolling and forming, machining, grinding, welded fabrication, shot-blasting and painting.

Through the use of CAD/CAM design and SolidWorks software, in-house design
engineers and highly experienced operators, Abraservice UK can provide a full service from design to final precision manufactured components all to exact customer specifications, guaranteeing to customers an end product that has been engineered as designed.

The key benefit provided by this service is that customers can source components that are manufactured in specialist materials that outperform and outlast the same parts manufactured in standard steels by up to 50% and more depending upon the material utilised and the component application such as replacement bevel edges, buckets, sizing screens, trommels, cyclones, shredders and screening drums.

Abraservice UK currently supplies manufactured components that are used in many diverse and varied industry sectors, such as mines and quarries, recycling of wood, rubber, metal, glass and foundry sand, agricultural equipment, cement and concrete industries, building, construction and public works, foundry, iron and steel industries as well as waste collection and drilling and exploration.

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