TFT-LCD module has viewing angle of 170 degrees

Paul Boughton
Mitsubishi Electric is introducing a new 9.0-in colour TFT-LCD module AA090AA01 in Quarter High Definition (QHD: 960 × 540) format. QHD provides half the resolution of full high definition (Full HD: 1,920 × 1,080) screens both horizontally and vertically.

This makes the QHD format suitable for applications like video monitors for broadcasting as it requires a smooth conversion from full HD without degradation. With a fast response speed of less than 8ms the new QHD TFT-LCD module is able to display even fast motions with sharp images.
The new TFT-LCD module has a super wide viewing angle of 170 degrees (horizontal/vertical). The contrast ratio of 1000:1 ensures a very vivid image while covering 72 per cent of the NTSC colour gamut (16.77 million colors at 8bit/color).
The AA090AA01 contains a LED backlight with built-in LED driver so that the design engineer just needs to connect the LVDS 8bit data interface and a power supply in order to operate the QHD TFT-LCD module. The TFT module has a weight of 300g with dimensions of 217mm x 130mm x 9.5mm (w x h x d). The LED backlight has an operating lifetime of 100,000 hours at 25°C. The new device does not contain any mercury and fully complies with the RoHS directive.
With the increasing use of digital television services, there is a higher demand for equipment compatible with full HD resolution – especially for studio video monitors with integrated TFT-LCD modules that are compact but also capable of displaying high resolution videos smoothly and clearly. In addition to its 9.0” screen size, Mitsubishi Electric’s AA090AA01 features fast response speed, super wide viewing angle and high contrast, thereby meeting the broadcasters’ needs.
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