Inverter series now with a 37kW maximum performance

Paul Boughton
NORD Drivesystems will shortly add new models to its SK 500E series of cabinet-mounted frequency inverters: The new size 7 inverters cover rated motor outputs between 30 and 37 kW. Models with even larger dimensions are already being planned.

Just like all previous models, the new inverters are available with various feature kits, whilst retaining standardised sizes regardless of the functional range. NORD provides the inverter types SK 515E and SK 535E in the new size.

The units enable out-of-the-box implementation for many standard industrial applications. Equipped with five parameter capable control inputs, two analogUE inputs, and one analogue output as well as two relay outputs, the SK 515E provides many connection options for users.

The SK 535E additionally features two analogue inputs and two output channels. Standard features for all SK 500E inverters include sensorless current vector control, automatic parameter identification for connected motors, an integrated brake chopper for generative operation, PID process control and four parameter sets that can be switched online.

Furthermore, the control card can be supplied from an external 24 V source in SK 515E and SK 535E inverters, which allows access to parameters and the bus interface even when the power is switched off. This feature not only increases online availability, but also enables special applications such as emergency evacuation of elevators. Both size 7 inverter types support the safety function “Safe Stop” in compliance with EN 954-1 and EN 13849-1 (up to the maximum safety category 4, stop category 0 and 1) and feature an onboard CANopen interface.

In addition to the extensive I/O equipment mentioned above, the SK 535E model also comes with a TTL input for speed and torque control, and provides powerful position control functions thanks to the POSICON module.

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