Telemetry system can deliver real-time crop data

Paul Boughton
McCrometer’s RemoteCONNECT Telemetry System, featuring 24/7 pump monitoring, notification and control capability through wireless remote communications, could help irrigation system managers meet WQT05 Criteria by delivering real-time crop data.

WQT05 is a Water Quantity Enhancement Activity developed by the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service for the CSP Program that requires remote monitoring and notification of irrigation pumping plant operation. It was initiated to help farmers and ranchers conserve irrigation water usage and energy costs and prioritise field visits. 

Irrigators that qualify for CSP will be able to deploy the RemoteCONNECT System to qualify for the WQT05 Enhancement Practice.

As a turn-key wireless remote monitoring system with 24/7 capability, the RemoteCONNECT System reduces costly manual data collection. It features secure-access and an intuitive web-based interface that automatically notifies operators of any changes in the irrigation system via the Internet, email, mobile phones, texting and pagers.

The RemoteCONNECT system enables irrigators to monitor water-use quotas, set alarms to indicate high/low usage rates, and track crop data. McCrometer, the irrigation industry’s most trusted flow meter supplier for 55 years, now provides a single go-to source for automated flow measurement system hardware, software, installation, training, support and field service.  

Simple to install, The RemoteCONNECT system supports existing flow meters such as McCrometer’s Mc Propeller Meter, meters from other manufacturers and other crop management sensors. 

The comprehensive availability of RemoteCONNECT flow data helps irrigators ensure accurate billing and water allocation records. Irrigators are also alerted when they are close to exceeding allocation limits, helping to reduce costs and meet conservation objectives. RemoteCONNECT is a rugged, cost-effective solution for farmers and ranchers whether their primary need is monitoring water quality, soil moisture, water flow or pump control.

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