V5 of MEDUSA4 2D/3D CAD available for download

Paul Boughton
Following the release of version 5 of its professional MEDUSA4 2D/3D mechanical CAD and design automation suite, CAD Schroer has just made
version 5 of its free MEDUSA4 Personal software available for download.

MEDUSA4 Personal has gained a strong reputation among hobby and model engineers, as well as professional design engineers, over the past few years. At home, people use the free CAD package on non-commercial DIY projects, or for model engineering. Schools and universities increasingly use MEDUSA4 Personal as an introduction to CAD for the next generation. And thanks to the 'pay per result' eSERVICES portal, even businesses can take advantage of the free software, merely paying a small fee to convert viable results for commercial use.

Version 5.0 re-introduces the MEDUSA4 SHEET METAL DESIGN module, which allows users to work flexibly in 2D and 3D to create sheet metal parts.  There’s also a new skin with updated buttons, colours and dialogs to make the user interface even more intuitive. The DXF/DWG interface (which expertly converts AutoCAD drawings up to version 2010) now also allows the mapping of dimension elements, and mapping of special characters has been further improved. A new raster tool allows users to invert the colours of any imported images incorporated in their design.

Other usability enhancements include new printing options and layer selection tools, as well as additional options for handling info text on sheets. It is now even easier to create multi-sheet parts lists. There are also new dimensioning and line trimming options.

Private, non-commercial use of MEDUSA4 Personal is completely free of charge.  Those wishing to use the software for commercial purposes can do so on a pay-per-result basis. The CSG eSERVICES portal unlocks MEDUSA4 Personal drawings for unlimited commercial use. This means that businesses do not have to pay for the software, only for using the results once these are commercially viable.

For more information, visit www.cad-schroer.com

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