Precision gas analyser for static fill-gas

Paul Boughton
Hiden Analytical has announced its new purpose-designed HPR-90 precision gas analyser for measurement of the static fill-gas and of the residual gases within diverse vessel types. Vessels range in size from multi-litre electric lamps and fluorescent tubes to electronic devices with volumes to just 10 micro-litres, requiring a total gas sample size of as little as 0.01 sccm per analysis.

Specimen containers and sample piercing and cracking mechanisms are custom designed to optimise gas concentration for the specified vessel types, with minimised volume and surface area. Gases are transferred for analysis to the directly-coupled analysis chamber with integrated high-performance mass spectrometer, with true ultra-high vacuum pumping and materials used throughout the system for optimum data integrity.

Vacuum operation, the measurement sequence and sample analysis are all fully automated, and the system includes an automated gas calibration manifold with capacitance manometer for precise validation of the mass spectrometer performance against specified calibration gas mixtures.

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