Microfiltration of aggressive chemical media

Paul Boughton
Benefiting from an all polypropylene cartridge construction - Chemifil cartridges from Porvair Filtration Group offer a solution for the filtration of aggressive chemicals including acids, alkalis, solvents and etchants.

Manufactured using a polypropylene membrane of uniform thickness and high voids, with a homogeneous structure and controlled pore sizes - Chemifil polypropylene membrane cartridges meet the demanding filtration requirements of pharmaceutical, semiconductor and fine chemical manufacturers. Designed for the efficient removal of sub-micron organic and inorganic particulate matter, the inherent structural stability of the Chemifil membrane eliminates any risk of media migration and minimizes the release of particles.

Chemifil cartridges have optimal pleat geometry to maximise the available filtration area and to provide high flow rates at low pressure differentials. These features result in lower energy consumption and fewer filter cartridges per system.

Manufactured as standard with injection molded polypropylene inner and outer supports, Chemifil cartridges are designed with the strength necessary to withstand thermal stresses encountered during steam sterilization and subsequent cooling. They can be steam sterilized and will retain total integrity following steaming at 135°C (275°F).

All components used in the construction of Chemifil™ cartridges are FDA approved to 21CFR and meet or exceed the latest EC Directives for Food Contact. Chemifil cartridges are also validated for bacterial removal according to HIMA guidelines and ASTM F838-05, with a log reduction value >7.

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