Industrial grade TPU for high temperature applications

Paul Boughton
Huntsman has developed the first product in a new line of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that offers a broader temperature operating range than standard grades and is a good all-round performer in industrial applications where compromise is not an option.
IROGRAN A 92 K 5031 DP has been formulated with the needs of modern manufacturing in mind. It can be extruded or injection moulded to create elastomer components for heavy-duty engineering equipment, engines and hydraulic systems where working conditions may reach up to 130°C or drop as low as -40°c.
Offering high strength at room temperature, a low compression set at 100°c and consistent form retention and stability up to 120°c, IROGRAN A 92 K 5031 DP is a practical material for the manufacture of pneumatic tubes, spiral hoses, timing belts and cable jackets employed in high temperature applications such as automotive brake and engine systems. The product’s good anti-burst properties and capacity to resist long-term exposure to oils, hydrolysis, chemicals and abrasion also makes it a reliable base material for hydraulic seals.
Helmut Witt, New Business Development Manager at Huntsman Polyurethanes, said: “In the production of flexible elastomeric parts, the most successful materials are those that offer infinite processing possibilities and performance scope alongside consistent quality.

IROGRAN A 92 K 5031 DP is made using a special technique developed by Huntsman. Employing raw materials economically, this process delivers optimized hard block products of an extremely reliable standard. With a range of properties that function regardless of temperature fluctuations, IROGRAN A 92 K 5031 DP stands out as an important new raw material for industrial applications where performance, even in the most extreme conditions, is mission critical.”
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