Remote module fits factory automation, process control and machine building

Paul Boughton
Molex Incorporated's new Brad SST PB3 Remote Module for PROFIBUS is a standalone hardware platform which includes PROFIBUS and Ethernet communication ports, enabling fast and easy connectivity to any Rockwell ControlLogix and CompactLogix controller. The PB3 module, which will be available next year, features a remote design that enables it to be installed close to the PROFIBUS field device, reducing the expensive cabling costs that can occur when the controller and field device are in different locations.

“The PB3 module provides the same features of an in-chassis module, but is more flexible and easier to use,” says Eric Gory, product manager, Molex. “Its remote design means the PB3 module can be installed in any convenient location such as inside cabinets, on machines or in cells. Additionally, because of its Ethernet media, the PB3 module can be used in specific applications where a wireless connection is required.”

The PB3 Remote Module fits factory automation, process control and machine building applications.  It is fully integrated into the Rockwell Software Architecture through features such as ‘Add-on-Instructions’, which saves integration time; Ethernet switch with redundancy capability (DLR); direct access to I/O data without the need to write ladder logic and complete access to PROFIBUS DP-V1 services and device diagnostics.

Additional features include:

* Engineering console that runs PROFIBUS master and slave protocols simultaneously.
* Remote configuration and diagnostics via an Ethernet connection for quick commissioning.
* CommDTM driver, which allows Rockwell users in process control industries such as oil/gas and food/beverage to perform asset management.
* Easy sharing of I/O process data and the ability for multiple types of equipment to connect to a single PB3 Remote Module.
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