10.5V High Speed Low IQ200mA LDO with extended temperature range

Paul Boughton
The new XC6505 series from Torex is a 10.5V LDO that combines the best of both worlds, being high speed (its PSRR is 60dB @1kHz) while consuming only 5.5µA.

The XC6505 operates with input voltages from 1.7V to 10.5V over the extended -40~+105°C temperature range, can deliver output currents up to 200mA and is readily available with fixed output voltages from 1.5V to 8.0V in 0.1V increments.

Other characteristics of the XC6505 include a high output voltage accuracy of ±1% for VOUT≥2.0V (±20mV for VOUT<2.0V) and a low voltage dropout of 190mV @ 100mA (VOUT=3.3V).

In terms of protection, the XC6505 comes with a thermal shutdown circuit that turns off the integrated P-ch driver transistor when the junction temperature of the IC reaches 150°C. Moreover, the XC6505 includes a current foldback circuit whose action can be considered threefold: Firstly, it makes sure that the output current doesn’t excess 300mA when the IC is operating. Secondly, it limits the output current to 100mA when a short-circuit condition is detected between the VOUT and VSS pins of the IC. Finally, it limits the amount of inrush current at start-up.

In addition to its protection circuits, the XC6505 presents other functionalities: applying a low voltage to its CE pin forces the XC6505 into standby mode. When entering this mode, the output voltage is quickly brought down to VSS level thanks to its CL discharge function (XC6505B only).

The XC6505 is available in USP-6C package for applications that require both a small form factor and a good amount of power dissipation, in SOT-89-5 package for handling even higher power dissipations, and in SOT-25 package.

For more information, visit www.torex-europe.com/products/range/339