Linear guides feature patented bearings

Paul Boughton
Thomson is extending its range of linear guides with the addition of ball-guided profile rails from the 400 series. Its installation sizes and hole patterns have been adjusted to meet general industry standards, which means that the new 400 series can be used as a direct replacement for existing systems. As a result, Thomson says this profile rail product can be used as a replacement in all applications for medium loads, without incurring additional costs for design or modification work.
The ball tracks, which are positioned at an angle of 45 degrees to each other, ensure precise alignment, making installation easy. They also offer even loading rates in all directions, meaning that these systems can be used in a wide range of applications.
A patented recirculating ball-bearing guide made from polymer keeps noise to a minimum when the system is running, and the scraper ensures that lubricant does not escape outside the unit. The 413 design with ball chain guarantees quieter operation; even at high adjustment speeds, noise is kept to a minimum. This version also features integrated lubrication pockets between the individual balls.
Thomson claims the following advantages for the 400 series:
* Straighter rails thanks to advanced grinding technologies
* Simple installation and increased accuracy with continuous rails up to 4m long
* Smooth, low-noise motion thanks to patented recirculating ball bearings and optimised geometry
* Increased lubricant service life thanks to integral lubrication pockets
* Carriages available in various designs and sizes
* Modular designs that can be modified on-site
400 series linear guides are suitable for industrial automation, pick-and-place applications for materials handling and transport technology, as well as installation in industrial robots, food processing plants and packaging systems.
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