Tank container is economical and ‘low-carbon’

Paul Boughton
The inter-modal tank container is increasingly recognised as providing an extremely safe, economical and ‘low-carbon’ means of transport and storage across a wide range of industries.

Indeed a recent study concluded that tank containers represent the most energy-efficient and environment-friendly way of moving intermediate quantities of bulk liquids and gases.
Reduced handling, safer filling and discharging, robust design, tamper-proof construction and re-usability over a life of up to 20 years-plus are just a few of the reasons why this ultra efficient and safe form of transport is increasingly displacing the inefficient, costly and sometimes hazardous shipment of liquids in drums.
UBH International has a highly qualified and experienced team of design and applications engineers at the disposal of customers to offer advice and develop solutions to the most challenging and intractable logistical problems.
The robustness, resilience and versatility of these specially designed transportable tanks is assured, being based upon many years of proven service in the most testing of environments.  The UBH range of tankcontainers is bringing benefits to companies around the globe, not only in efficiency and profitability but also, critically, in employee safety and environmental security.

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