Mini motor copes with extreme operating conditions

Paul Boughton
A new 22mm diameter brushless motor, which was initially developed in collaboration with the UK's oil exploration industry, offers exceptional performance in terms of shock, vibration and temperature tolerances.
Maxon Motor says that the new EC22 Heavy Duty is the most robust motor it has ever produced, which is a claim that has to be considered in the light of other Maxon motors that have been used in jet fighters, Formula 1 racing cars, bomb disposal robots and, of course, the NASA Mars Rovers.
Originally developed for downhole applications in the oil industry, the new motor features new rotor technology to withstand temperatures as high as 240 degrees C, pressures from high vacuum to 1700bar, vibration of 25 'g' rms and impact forces of 100 'g' - and still deliver the absolute reliability required three miles under the ocean floor.
Furthermore, the EC22 HD can run fully submerged in oil, which has the added benefit of trebling its 80W output rating thanks to heat dissipation, thereby generating 240W from the 22mm-diameter frame.
Every claim and parameter has been fully proven, both in purpose-built temperature testing facilities and through extensive field trials, and it is now believed that the motor's specification will open new possibilities in other challenging engineering environments.
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