Machine vision cameras double GigE bandwidth

Paul Boughton
Baumer is introducing new SXG cameras, which the company says are the first to benefit from innovative Dual GigE technology that doubles the standard GigE data bandwidth.
Designed to take full advantage of Quad Tap readouts, the Dual GigE cameras incorporate state-of-the-art Kodak sensors that provide an exceptional combination of image quality, resolution and high frame rates. In order to provide the high data rate to support image transfer, two Gigabit Ethernet ports are combined to create a dynamic Link Aggregation Group (LAG). In addition, these cameras are conveniently equipped with PoE (power over Ethernet) technology, which eliminates the need for a separate power cable. Advanced features such as Sequencer, Trigger Delay and Debouncer make this camera suitable for a variety of different applications.
Baumer's SXG cameras feature: double the standard GigE bandwidth at 240MB/s, full 12-bit images at 1, 2, 4 und 8 megapixels, frame rates of up to 120 frames per second, and a compact housing design.
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