Touch probes have an contact force of 0.03N

Paul Boughton
Solartron Metrology is launching a new range of touch probes with an ultra-low contact force. Based on the company's existing Feather Touch probes, which have a tip force of just 0.18N, the new Ultra Feather Touch models exert a probing force as low as 0.03N.
With their innovative spring balance design and lower moving mass, the high-performance pneumatic probes have been developed for gauging delicate materials such as glass or plastic, which require very low tip forces to avoid deforming the component and the use of non-marking contact tip materials.
Air vented through the shroud at the front of the probe continuously cleans the bearings. This ensures a long probe life in automated systems where dust contamination may be present.
Replaceable nylon tips can be used to prevent surface damage to components, while tungsten carbide tips can be fitted for measuring hot glass. Woven steel braid sheathing for the cable provides additional protection for critical applications.
Neil Curtis, Solartron's sales and marketing director, comments: "The Ultra Feather Touch probes were developed in response to demand from automotive glass manufacturers. There is nothing else on the market with such a low tip force."
As well as automotive windscreens, the probes can be used for gauging plastic parts, shiny metals, pharmaceutical bottles and electronic or electro-mechanical components. The measurement range is 10mm and resolution is better than 0.01um. Fully traceable calibration certificates can be supplied. The probes have been designed to integrate with Solartron's Orbit 3 Digital Network System as well as earlier Orbit systems.
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