Clutch/brakes use non-contact magnetic technology

Paul Boughton
Mayr's range of Roba-contitorque permanent magnet hysteresis clutch/brake units is being expanded with the introduction of the new size 5 unit, thereby increasing the slip torque range to 0.1 to 12Nm.
Roba-contitorque units offer wear-free and reliable torque limitation for use in continuous slip applications. Unlike friction type devices, torque is transmitted without contact via magnetic forces, which greatly extends service life and ensures extremely accurate and repeatable slip torque values. Mayr says that the Roba-contitorque is therefore a maintenance free means of providing load holding, tensioning or torque limiting, and its compact design, low weight and low mass moment of inertia enable easy integration into a wide range of applications.
Typical applications for Roba-contitorque units range form bottle capping machinery to railway points. For harsh environments, Mayr offers the option of sealed and corrosion-protected versions.
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