Pressure transmitters are rated as intrinsically safe

Paul Boughton
ESI has integrated its silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) pressure sensing technology into a range of intrinsically safe (IS) transmitters for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The company now has an extensive range of IS SOS pressure transmitters, all ATEX-approved to EEXIA IIC T4 standards.
Silicon-on-sapphire technology was initially utilised in high-temperature integrated circuits for the NASA space programme. ESI has taken this technology and developed a sensor that is capable of accurately measuring vibration, torque, force or pressure in extreme temperatures over long periods of time. A major advantage of an SOS sensor over conventional silicon-based sensors is said to be that it is free from residual stresses caused during processing, which therefore provides assured performance.
An important factor is the excellent elasticity of the sapphire; the ability to bend the wafer and bring it back down to its original position - known as repeatability - is a highly desirable characteristic for sensors.
Incorporating SOS into applications where ATEX approval is required provides reliable and durable products with excellent performance and value. The range includes absolute, differential, submersible, high-pressure, high-accuracy, hygienic and rugged oil and gas transmitters.
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