New range of drives for slip ring motors

Paul Boughton

Sprint Electric is launching drives for use with slip ring motors. These new motor controllers will be unveiled in November 2010 at the SPS/IPC/Drives exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.
A slip ring motor is a type of induction motor having a wound rotor connected to slip rings. Typical applications for slip ring motors include cranes, where the motors are used to control the hoist as well as the X/Y movement.
Sprint Electric's JL/X range of slip ring motor drives is a derivation of the PL/X digital DC drive product range. It shares the same software and hardware platforms and delivers the same precise digital control functionality as the established PL/X range of DC drives. The main difference is that the thyristor stack configuration has been designed to provide a three-phase output (U, V, W) suitable for controlling slip ring motors in either two- or four-quadrant mode. Fieldbus options include Profibus, Devicenet, CC-Link, Ethernet/IP, Modbus and Canopen, and configuration software packages used with the PL/X are also available for the JL/X range.
JL/X slip ring motor drives will be available with output currents from 100-1850A and come in three frame sizes with standard supply voltage inputs up to 480V AC. Overload capability is 150 per cent. For high-duty applications, the JL/XHD range is available with an overload capability of 250 per cent. There is also an option of high-voltage units that are can accept AC supply voltages of up to 690V AC. The JL/X is supplied configured for crane control as standard, with joystick or analogue demand inputs, and outputs as required to control up to four external slip ring resistors, together with dedicated outputs for super-synchronous regenerative lowering and brake control.
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