Eddy current sensors with embedded coil technology

Paul Boughton

Micro-Epsilon has developed a completely new manufacturing technology for eddy current sensors. Using Embedded Coil Technology (ECT), the sensor is housed in an inorganic carrier material, which provides temperature and shape stability.
Conventionally wound sensor coils are replaced by ECT. The carrier material can even hold electronic components. The technology provides more freedom in the physical design of the sensors. In the case of special operating environments, the ECT sensors can be easily adapted to the conditions. The electronics are either integrated in the sensor or  are housed separately. The significant benefits of ECT technology are its high operating temperatures of up to 350°C, extreme temperature stability, high mechanical load capacity and its suitable for use in strong electromagnetic fields. Due to a hermetically sealed enclosure, the sensors can also be used in ultra high vacuums.
The new sensor technology has already proved itself in many challenging applications. Due to their high temperature stability, ECT sensors are used for the alignment of mirror segments in the latest giant reflector telescopes and for measuring the grinding gap of refiners in the paper industry due to their high mechanical load capacity. In the semiconductor industry, the sensors are ideal as they are resistant to Ultra High Vacuums and strong electromagnetic fields.

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Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik GmbH & Co KG is based in Ortenburg, Germany. www.micro-epsilon.de

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