Pressure regulators feature integral feedback

Paul Boughton
Parker Hannifin is launching a new range of remote-controlled electro-pneumatic pressure regulators to provide flexibility, precision and energy savings in a wide range of manufacturing applications. The new EPP4 Comfort models are designed to enhance the performance and reliability of machinery within the production environment, including welding, paper and printing, and machine tool robots, as well as on trucks and trains for the control of adaptive suspensions.
Featuring a compact and lightweight construction, the new 1-inch and 2-inch EPP4 Comfort models have been developed for quick and easy installation and low inertia on moving robots. Using an integrated electronic control system and pulse-width-modulated (PWM) solenoid valves, the new valves control the output pressure proportionally to an analogue electrical signal, while high precision is achieved by internal feedback through an integral pressure sensor. As a result, control systems can be simplified through a reduced number of components, while productivity is improved through greater flexibility.
Parker says the new EPP4 Comfort range offers extremely fast response times, excellent linearity and low hysteresis of 0.5 per cent for the accurate and fast adjustment of the controlled pressure, thereby increasing production efficiency significantly. Power consumption is also notably low, requiring a maximum only 6W, thereby enabling simple integration into standard installations and, as no air is used when there is no change of control signal, further energy and cost savings can be achieved.
The flexible and easily mounted EPP4 Comfort regulators feature plug-and-play functions to provide simple tools for setups and monitoring using standard PC software, which enables users to set all the relevant parameters of the units quickly and simply, both on and off site. Additionally, the remote display enables users to read the regulated pressure wherever the application requires it and the large, clear LED digits make reading faster and easier.
Parker's EPP4 Comfort 1-inch and 2-inch pressure regulators are available for control by either a voltage or current analogue control signal, with either analogue or digital outputs, and are adjustable to meet the specific parameters of each application.
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