Digital servo drive benefits from direct-to-mains connection

Paul Boughton
Inmoco is extending its Elmo Extriq range of compact digital servo drive products for specialised applications in extreme environments with the introduction of the Extriq Panther. The Panther brings to the Extriq Line the ability to operate from a very high-voltage power source, without a transformer, using a direct-to-mains connection to a 400V DC or 750V DC power source.
Measuring just 110 x 75 x 30mm, with the flexibility for PCB- or motor-mounting, and delivering up to 7kW of continuous qualitative power, the Extriq Panther is suitable for incorporating in a wide variety of motion systems - single-axis or multi-axis – for high-performance motion control.
Inmoco's Extriq Panther has been optimised for extended environmental conditions, its design enabling it to operate at extremes of temperature, humidity and altitude, and to endure conditions such as vibration and mechanical shock. As such – and in common with other Extriq Line products - it supports a broad range of demanding applications requiring tough and reliable motion control, including: military ground mobile, naval, nautical, aviation, aerospace, missile weaponry, specialised laboratory automation, oil refining, unmanned vehicles and satellite communications.
The Panther operates with sinusoidal, trapezoidal and DC motors, and is described as feature-rich, combining high power density, programming flexibility, Canopen networking and numerous motion control features, all of which make it very effective for challenging applications. When using a number of Extriq Panthers in a multi-axis setting, Elmo's Gold Lion Multi-Axis Controller can be used to control the network of servo drives.
Inmoco offers the Panther with two DC bus options (80 – 400V DC and 200 – 750V DC) with a built-in smart supply for controlling the back-up capabilities. It can also operate with a 24V DC auxiliary power supply for back-up features.
The Extriq product family consists of intelligent digital servo drives and powerful analogue amplifiers that are Mil standard-compliant and highly durable. Extriq units have a wide operating temperature range (-40 degrees C to +70 degrees C), as well as coping with high humidity and at extreme altitudes. The products are also tested against intense vibration of over 15 'g' and offer resistance to mechanical shocks.
A standards-compliant motion controller, the Extriq has been tested using methods and procedures specified in a variety of Extended Environmental Conditions (EEC) directives. The standards with which the Extriq complies include: MIL-STD-810- Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests; MIL-STD-1275- Characteristics of 28 Volt DC Electrical Systems in Military Vehicles; MIL-STD-704- Aircraft, Electric Power Characteristics; MIL-STD-461- Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment; MIL-HDBK-217- Reliability Prediction of Electronic Equipment; and ISO-9001:2008.
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