Dual-line meter is user-programmable

Paul Boughton
Red Lion Controls is introducing the PAX2A Dual-Line Display Meter that can display input, total, minimum, maximum or setpoints on a 0.7-inch high, six-digit main LCD display. This main display offers three programmable, easy-to-read colours: red, orange and green. Colour changes can be tied to the setpoints to provide operators with a visual display of changing conditions in the application - with updates up to 160 times per second. The panel meter also features a second display line with a 0.35-inch high, nine-digit green LCD display that can also be programmed for any of the above parameters and accommodates totalising applications that easily exceed a normal six-digit display. In addition, a three-digit programmable custom unit indicator is also available.
The dual-line display meter provides universal functionality, including universal inputs; the same meter accepts DC current, DC voltage, process signal, and thermocouple and RTD temperature sensor inputs. Furthermore, the PAX2A supports universal power input - from 50 to 250V AC or 21.6 to 250V DC. As well as built-in USB and Modbus communications, there are field-installable option cards for RS232, RS485, Devicenet and Profibus.
Jeff Thornton, Red Lion product manager, states: "The PAX2A provides maximum application flexibility, allowing users to stock just one meter for numerous applications. The dual-line display delivers an ideal solution for applications that require two parameters to be visualised simultaneously. For example, PAX2A can read a flow rate through a pipeline while totalising the gallons, or indicate the temperature of an oven while also displaying the setpoint value."
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