Tolerance analysis software now works with all CAD systems

Paul Boughton
Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) is releasing two new versions of its 3DCS tolerance analysis software with enhancements that further streamline processes for users. 3DCS SA simplifies the CAD translation process for users of all CAD systems, while 3DCS CAA V5 Based, for Catia V5 users, includes numerous ease-of-use enhancements.
According to DCS, the new version of 3DCS Analyst Stand Alone (SA) is the industry's only tolerance analysis software with built-in translators to support all CAD systems. The built-in CAD translators therefore eliminate the need for users to purchase, license and utilise separate translators to integrate 3DCS with their various CAD systems.
David Johnson, the product development manager, comments: "While 3DCS already offers the flexibility of a multi-CAD system, 3DCS SA takes that flexibility up a notch. While some of the other dimensional engineering software products on the market include support for a few select CAD systems, we do not know of anything else out there today with built-in translators to support all of them. This unique new capability will allow our users to further maximise their efficiency."
Todd Reade, CEO of Transmagic, says: "We are working closely with DCS to ensure that 3DCS users will have real-time access to CAD data in a broad range of formats. When great technologies mash up, resulting in higher productivity, everybody wins."
Other enhancements to 3DCS SA include:
* Visualisation improvements to cube maps, sky boxes, ambient occlusion, bloom, silhouette edges and spot light shadows
* Improvements to Spec Study, such as better support for 'A' and 'V' gaps without the need to apply point constraints
* Support of worst-case analyses
* Dozens of new routines and settings including, for example, the ability to use 'Section Draw' to cancel the point dragging changes, the addition of a reorder feature button to 'feature tolerance,' the addition of a 'yes to all' check box to 'Save Management,' and the ability to select parts separately in 'Copy Data.'
The translators for are provided through DCS' OEM partnership agreement with Transmagic, a company that provides universal multi-CAD interoperability software applications.
For Catia users, the new version of 3DCS CAA V5 Based is already fully integrated into Catia V5, so it does not require CAD translation. However, it includes many of the same enhancements as 3DCS SA, plus the following:
* Improvements to the FEA-compliant modeller
* Improvements to GD&T (geometric dimensioning and tolerancing), such as additions to the dimensional callout support and a more simplified GD&T display
* Improvements to Spec Study, leveraging Catia's embedded photo-realistic visualisation capabilities
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