Dual power supply with digital remote control

Paul Boughton
TTI's new CPX400DP Powerflex regulated power supply is the first CPX model to incorporate digital remote control interfaces. Based around the power electronics of the popular CPX400A unit, the new supply incorporates important new manual control features in addition to the digital interfaces. These include settings lock, isolated voltage tracking and synchronous switching of the two outputs.
To achieve a high degree of flexibility for remote control applications, the power supply is equipped with RS-232, USB, GPIB and Lan (Ethernet) interfaces as standard. The Lan interface is compliant with LXI (Lan Extensions for Instrumentation).
TTI says the Powerflex design offers a constant-power capability that allows higher output currents at lower output voltages. Each output can provide 60V at a maximum current of 7A. As the voltage setting is reduced, the output current capability increases up to a maximum of 20A.
The CPX400DP is a dual-output supply with two independent and isolated outputs, each with a 420W capability. The outputs operate in constant-voltage or constant-current mode with automatic crossover and mode indication. Isolated voltage tracking allows easy control for either series or parallel wiring, enabling up to 120V or 40A to be produced.
True analogue controls are used, but the power supplies incorporate an S-lock function that transfers control of voltage and current from the analogue controls to internal digital circuitry for stability and safety.
Each output has its own on/off switch, but an additional synchronous on/off switch can be used to ensure that both outputs are operated together, which is an important function for circuitry that can be damaged if one voltage rail is present without the other.
The CPX400DP is housed in a compact and robust steel case which is half-rack width and takes up very little bench space. It measures 210 x 130 x 350mm and weighs 7kg. A rack kit is available that can mount one or two units.
For more information, visit www.tti-test.com