Modelling software supports sales and engineering

Paul Boughton
Spaceclaim is releasing Spaceclaim 2010, the sixth release of the company's 3D direct modelling software. Spaceclaim says its software has enabled sales, concept and simulation engineers to rapidly and effectively use 3D to solve business, engineering and geometry problems.
With Spaceclaim's ease of use, flexibility and compatibility with traditional CAD products, thousands of users rely on it to productively use 3D for concept modelling, bid modelling and model preparation. Chris Randles, Spaceclaim's president and chief executive officer, states: "All manufacturers today are under increased pressure to eliminate waste, streamline collaboration, and increase productivity through the product development cycle. These lean product development initiatives have forced a re-evaluation of current tools and practices. Spaceclaim is rapidly being chosen as the tool to maximise design options early in the development process with outstanding results. Our customers have confirmed an ROI [return on investment] with Spaceclaim of well under six months, far surpassing the ROI of traditional CAD tools in this space. With the new release of our 3D Direct Modeler, we continue to help our customers win more business, shorten the time to market and drive new levels of innovation."
Spaceclaim says it has broadened the use of 3D as a business tool for engineers engaged in new business development and early concept development. Throughout the supply chain, manufacturers are improving how they do business by using Spaceclaim to increase win rates by using bid modelling to create accurate concepts and quotes for prospects.
Spaceclaim enables sales engineers to:
* Create a concept model
* Use customer geometry as the design specification
* Simulate prior to bidding
* Pinpoint costs of sourced components
* Create proposals with real 3D geometry
In addition, the software is said to support lean product development by using concept modelling to explore as many design options as needed without tying up expensive CAD resources. Spaceclaim's flexibility and ease of use encourages:
* Exploring different manufacturing processes to determine which approach works best
* Using set-based design metrologies to prevent costly and resource-consuming last-minute design changes
* Developing a deep understanding of the problem before sending the concept on to the detailed design phase
* Creating concepts 'on the fly' to be responsive to new opportunities
In terms of computer-aided engineering, Spaceclaim helps users to increase productivity and produce better final designs through simulation and eliminating the reliance on CAD designers for geometry.
Further enhancements in Spaceclaim 2010 provide extensive new capabilities for sheet metal design as well as other capabilities for concept and bid modelling.
For more information as well as videos showcasing new features in Spaceclaim 2010, visit the 'What's New' page on the Spaceclaim website.
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