MD Nastran 2010 solve more complex physical problems

Paul Boughton
MSC.Software is releasing MD Nastran 2010 and, using this release, the company says that engineers can rely on MD Nastran for problems they could not before - such as advanced nonlinear analysis, bi-directional thermo-mechanical coupling, and expanded physics simulations including co-simulation with CFD codes, and multi-model optimisations. Furthermore, this release offers major solver performance improvements.
MD Nastran enables and encourages analysts to expand beyond the traditional isolated discipline analysis to simulate more real-world behaviours with a single solver. This release of MD Nastran is said to deliver robust nonlinear capabilities, enabling engineers to use a single FE (finite element) solver for advanced linear and nonlinear simulations. Benefits to users include:
* Automatic Bolt Analysis for easier and more accurate assembly modelling through better control of preload and improved results with continuous contact.
* Contact Enhancements for more accurate contact stresses and better stress continuity with a segment-to-segment algorithm, and improved thermal analysis results with thermal contact for true contact or near-contact between dissimilar meshes.
* Thermal-Mechanical Analysis for improved accuracy through thermal-mechanical coupling, which helps users to solve new classes of problems involving heat generation due to mechanical work loss, including brake pad heating, road-tyre contact and manufacturing operations.
* Nonlinear Adaptive Time Stepping for reduced run times and easier setup with a new time stepping scheme.
This release of MD Nastran expands the range of physics that engineers can model, providing more accurate representations of design behaviours and helping accelerate product innovation.
Sanjay Choudhry, vice president of product and release management at MSC.Software, says: "This new release of MD Nastran takes a giant leap forward in the area of cutting-edge simulation capabilities for robust nonlinear and coupled physics analyses. Together with huge improvements in the parallel direct solver scalability and performance, MD Nastran 2010 now offers a unified environment for both linear and nonlinear analysis of both parts as well as large, complex systems. This is expected to result in improved accuracy and huge productivity gains for customers doing both types of analyses routinely. Support in Simxpert 2010 adds a new dimension to the ease-of-use of these capabilities. Continued major enhancements in MD Nastran's traditional areas of strength of noise and vibration and optimisation will provide significant value to our aerospace and automotive customers."
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